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The Core Site Group... 

Core Site Group is our umbrella that captures the various services Core has to offer.

Core relies and utilizes the experience of our team to offer services that can provide clients with a deliverable that best serves them.

ANY firm is only as good as their people.  For a true self perform environment, such as Land Development & Construction, that factor is no doubt the most critical variable.  We live and breath this.  We put our people where it makes the most sense.  We hand pick and place talents where they best serve the Client & then this allows the Core staff to thrive - investing in BOTH sides of the table.

Core Contractors, LLC

We provide our customers with a full-service solution for ANY TYPE of civil - infrastructure project.  Core Contractors maintains a diverse portfolio of projects in order to be malleable as the market demands.  Traditional land/site development, transportation, and design-build projects are all within our wheelhouse. Having worked in the DC Metropolitan Market for over 50 combined years, the Principals at Core understand what it takes to deliver. We build projects throughout the DC, Virginia and Maryland area for Private Developers/Owners, General Contractors, Transportation Departments and Utility Owners, Local, State and Federal Governments, as well as the Military.

We like being responsible for the Work.   We bid it, build it and deliver. All, in house.

We will build anything that makes sense for our Clients & our team.  We welcome challenging projects.

Core Site Solutions, LLC

We apply our experience from the "Self-Perform" environment in order to have direct, typically substantial, positive impact on the bottom line.  We understand that having a complete understanding of the costs and risks within the total life cycle cost of a project determines a projects success.  The Principals at Core Site Solutions have a proven track record in creative methodologies and applications to develop effective project plans in order to to gain profitability for all project participants.

Core Site Solutions offers experience and expertise that surpasses the typical consultant or estimating firm. by utilizing a Self-Perform experience and tools to accurately demonstrate budgets, methods & solutions.

Core Development of Virginia, LLC

Core Development of Virginia, LLC is Core's Land Development entity that evaluates land and property to determine if there may be an opportunity to purchase, engineer a proper plan, get the plans approved and then develop the property for a given use.  

CDVA is a true Land Development firm having the ability to explore, research and purchase property.   CDVA will determine the fastest path towards building and/or selling the property.  We will partner with a variety of firms to best tackle each given opportunity. 


Site Construction & Land Development Costs are typically the most variable factors in any land development project.  Our Partners rest well knowing that the RISK & UNKNOWNS of site construction costs can be best captured and managed when having Core Development of Virginia as part of their team.

Let's Work Together

"We thrive on unique projects.


The "non-cookie cutter" developments are the one's we tend to lean towards as they demand & require highly skilled and experienced team to build the work."

"People call us when there is something out of the norm or extremely challenging on their project.  They know that Core has a reputation for thinking out of the box and coming up with solutions that 

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