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Core provides large scale solutions through utilizing the skill of the Core team & focusing on hyper-communication through the project life cycle. 


In this industry specifically, the end result is truly dependent on the skill set of the people putting the work in place.  We know that and live that and why we invest in our people.

Our Clients are provided with feasibility analysis, accurate estimating, turn key quality construction and project management while fundamentally focusing on partnering and hyper-communication methods.

Early & Often communication is core value that we live by. Good or bad, Clients are owed to be in the "know" of any given opportunity or risk.


Core is the COMPLETE PACKAGE having the ability to provide Land Development services with the skill to analyze the opportunity as Core Site Solutions and then build the work under Core Contractors.

Core Site Group as a unique firm with the ability to engage everywhere & anywhere throughout the project life cycle.

Image by Billy Freeman


From over 50 years of combined experience of the Ownership and hundreds of years of our field staff, our Mission starts with our people.  Experience in federal and state funded Heavy Civil Infrastructure Projects to a variety of Commercial, Residential and Town Center & Mixed Use Developments, we have been able to capitalize on experiences and lessons learned to develop a creative ability to utilize our experiences to provide unique expertise, focusing in on immediate positive bottom line impacts for our Clients.

Core's Mission: 

To provide our families, employees & partners with the best possible opportunity and working environment through successfully delivering projects.


A very simple and straight forward mission in that we are only as good as our people building & delivering work.  By focusing on our people, we will deliver for our clients. By delivering for our clients, we will continue to offer more opportunities for our people.  Through combining both our employees and clients in our Mission we have created an integrated approach focusing on further opportunity & growth for all vested parties.  We are challenged by this never ending cycle towards improvement & creating more opportunities for growth.

Over the last 25 years, we have worked with a wide range of Clients  in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area.  Our clients have ranged in size and type from large corporations to small business owners, our niche is utilizing the experiences of our team to maximize our services provided or deliverables desired by our Clients.

Our Clients have discovered that process improvements applied by Core's extensive experience dramatically impact the overall cost of Land Development projects and yield successful construction developments for all vested parties.


Our vision at Core is to build superior Land Development projects while providing a collaborative working environment for the entire project team. 

As it relates to our Vision, Core's team includes our Clients, Employees and all project participants that have a part in the overall development.

We apply creative design & construction solutions tailored specifically to the needs of your business and project to ensure each specific development is built in a manner whereby all vested parties are fully satisfied.

Cement Pipes

from the Owners at Core... 

“We're a creative & energetic Land Development & Construction firm."
"We have lived the challenges required to build any land development project."  
"We look forward to meeting you and your team and helping you define your goals, develop solutions - and realize them!" 
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