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We provide our customers with a full-service solution for site development, transportation, and design-build projects. Having worked in the DC Metropolitan Market for over 50 combined years, the Principals at Core understand what it takes to deliver. We build projects throughout the DC, Virginia and Maryland area for private developers, general contractors, DOTs and utilities, local, state and federal governments, as well as military customers. 

Core Site Solutions, LLC

We apply our experience from the self-perfomed environment in order to have direct, typically substantial, positive impact on the bottom line.  We understand that having a complete understanding of the costs and risks wihtin the total life cycle cost of a project determines a projects success.  The Principals at Core Site Solutions have a proven track record in creative methodologies and applications to develop effective project plans in order to to gain profitability for all project participants.

Core News...

June1, 2019 - Recently awarded the total site package Sunrise Assisted Living & Merritt Academy Project in Fairfax Virginia.


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Core Contractors, LLC  - TURN KEY Civil - Site Contracting staff looking forward to delivering superior development projects through applying tangible solutions in order to capitalize properly and successfully build an extremely diverse portfolio of projects.

Core Site Solutions, LLC provides businesses with solutions  to improve overall profitability, taking the experience from the Self Performed environment and applying it to where it impacts your business the most.

Core Contractors & Core Site Solutions 



From over 40 years of combined experience in  of Large Heavy Civil Infrastructure Projects to a variety of Residential and Town Center - Mixed Use Developments, we have been able to capitalize on experiences and lessons learned to develop a creative ability to provide unique expertise, focusing in on immediate positive bottom line impacts


Project types include: Residential, Commercial, Public Improvement, Park & Recreational Spaces, Schools, Utilities, Governmental, Heavy Highway (DOT). 


Over the last 25 years, we have worked with a wide range of Clients  in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area.  Although our clients have ranged in size and type from large corporations to small business owners, our niche is helping these companies discover how process improvements can dramatically impact the life cycle cost of Land Development and yield successful construction developments for all vested parties.



Our goal at Core is to provide superior Land Development services in order to deliver projects in the most efficient manner. We apply design & construction solutions tailored specifically to the needs of your business and project to ensure the development at hand is built in a manner whereby all vested parties are fully satisfied.


I have never worked with a group more proactive to solve problems before they begin to impact the project.   Not only did they find the impacts before they happened, they provided the engineering solution, implemented the plan, and delivered exactly what they said they would.  They went way beyond what is typically expected."

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Core Contractors & Core Site Solutions